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Putting God to the Test

6th Monday OT 2019 (readings)

In the Gospel today, the Pharisees remain blind and unbelieving despite the light shining around them and the wonderful things Christ is doing. The Pharisees continue to reject the miracles Christ has worked. Which is why Christ refuses to work more. He knows, that even if He were to work 100 miracles for the Pharisees, they would never believe, they would never have faith.

It is useless, then, to demand new signs, because they are not sincerely seeking the truth; one who rejects and then demands new miracles, is trying to test God. Requiring new miracles before one will believe, not accepting those already performed in the history of salvation, amounts to asking God to give an account for himself before a human tribunal; submitting himself to human judgment.

My brothers and sisters, we do well to remember that God can only be found if we have an open and humble attitude towards him. Humility is the key; and this is something that the Pharisees never appear to have.

Lastly, I want to leave you with a quote from St. Josemaria Escriva: “I have no need of miracles: there are more than enough for me in the Gospel. But I do need to see you fulfilling your duty and responding to grace.”

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