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The Purpose of Life

1st Friday Lent 2019 (readings)

The scriptures speak for themselves today, so I’ll leave you with this thought:

The Lenten practice of giving up the pleasures of this life is a good reminder that the purpose of life is not pleasure; that the purpose of life is unity with God. And it’s in the pursuit of this goal, in the pursuit of this purpose, where we find authentic happiness and true joy.

My brothers and sisters, we’ve just begun the season of Lent, a time of penance and preparation for Easter, for the resurrection of Our Lord. We need to start strong and stay committed to the penances we’ve opted to follow this season; it won’t be easy, nor should it be, but with God’s grace he’ll see us through to the resurrection and life everlasting.

We now ask the Blessed Virgin to secure for us the graces necessary to remain steadfast during this Lenten journey, and one day see Christ face to face instead of through this glass, darkly; as we pray, Hail Mary.

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